Tim Natsues’ Coaches Corner team has been coaching and/or supporting athletic teams for over 40 years.  We know it takes money for programs to succeed in todays competitive environment.   Athletic programs are challenged with the daunting task of raising funds.  Athletics provided a great avenue for the Coaches Corner Team members to become productive citizens. In appreciation for the special experiences we received we are honored to give back to the schools in our community some of our income to help develop the skills and talents of young men and women currently participating in athletic programs.  Please partner with us by buying or selling your home with our team.

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Based on your referred 6% listing contract or referred buying contract YOUR TEAM will receive the following donation when engaging the Coaches Corner Real Estate Team Athletic Donation Program.

Home Price:                 Donation

$150-$249,999         $1,000

$250-$499,999         $1,500

$500,$749,999         $2,000

$750,000 +                 $2,500

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Things to Remember Regarding our Referrals:

As we know the Coach’s Corner donation program requires real estate leads to succeed.  Here are a few items to remember regarding your referral program:

Once a lead is generated call Tim Natsues 559.360.5033, Bert Golston 559.284.0421,Na Landseadal 559.304.5044,r Leah Alvarez 559.417.1071, Jack DuBeau 559.694.1036 or Sherri DuBeau 559.694.1063 directly and not the general phone number for Realty Concepts.  These 6 agents are the only agents involved in Coach’s Corner.

Remember the more members in your organization that participate in the Coach’s Corner donation program, the more money raised for program.

In the event you have a real estate lead to buy or sell property, please obtain approval from the party interested in our service and then you should refer information directly to Tim and his staff. They will take over from there.

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